the journey is the joy

It doesn’t matter really what goal you set for yourself. Life is all about enjoying the road while getting.. uhm… GOING there. It’s how many gurus put it wisely. If you fancy a journey through Italy you don’t strife for the destination. Actually to put it more extreme there is no journey so there is no end. You just are in the NOW taking in all the good stuff by choice. You love every piece of earth you set foot on. You breathe in the experience. The details of all the new embracing you. Probably you will enjoy most of the new experiences. The new food, the way of life, the type of people that you encounter in this broad new perspective of the world. Right? Right. And sure you will bump into things that you did not intend to happen but still the overall journey is delicious.


But.. we choose to take the bustling bend. If you only look at what we do every day chasing the next thing we have to finish because that’s what it’s all about. And hey! You don’t here me saying that I do not just luvvv to check off my to-do list but this is different. Life shouldn’t be a to-do list. It should be an inspired field of activity of climax. Like a rollercoaster… going down.. AAANNNDD …. UP you gooooooo… wooooohhhhh. Making you feel alive instead of this constant strife. When you are training to get somewhere.. enjoy the training. The growth. The fun you have when you did not yet manage and you laughed about the things that went differently. Seek for the joy in the little things. If you pull in that big client… just that moment it’s beautiful. Ecstatic maybe. But it’s just a moment. So why not stretch it to the length it really is. Why not celebrate the preparty with all it’s ups and downs. And then this. The moment your reach it you will have a little after party but soon enough you’ll be looking for something new. So take it easy and chill! The journey IS the joy.

focus on your fortunes

what I’m trying to say here is. Don’t get stuck in two things. The destination and the setbacks. The latter..once they get their hands on you you’re a goner! Rather see them as a part of life guiding you towards what you do want. Every time you experience something unwanted automatically you will steer yourself to things that are better. Check yourself on this! What experiences in life made you decide to never go there or do that again. Leaving behind all that. And how did it make you grow? Beautiful isn’t it? If you can see the worth in all that you meet with.. then.. you can become friends with life. The discovery becomes just as important as the destiny. Not to say more. You will not feel the urge to dash through your experiences like a fast car without actually soaking in all that the experience has to offer. And then there will no longer be a wish to strife or to arrive.


there will be

only one skill left to practice

do everything you do with dignity

and let the curls of grace embrace you,

all the way through

With all my love,

Tineke Janssen


Eerste blogbericht


Are you ready for a little peace and passion in your life? doing that one thing that makes you forget about time or result? Do you have this tingling feeling inside of you. Whispering the words that you cannot yet define but oh … it feels divine. Or maybe you still think you don’t know…

I’ve been there and I tell you.. since I started doing what I love, my life has made a retrograde. Purpose makes life pleasurable, every day again. You don’t have to chase it, because it is who you are. Always present. And if you allow it to flow through you you will start feeling like never before. Filled with energy and passion, eager to start the day.

EVERY DAY. Yes! That’s what life is about.. but how come we are not just naturally all following our innerbliss? Well, I guess we all know that answer. What are you driven by? Money? what society tells you to? what people close to you expect you to do? The secret ofcourse to being in that place of ecstasy is being YOU, completely. Authenticity. Anything else is a waste of who you are.

Listen only to your own innervoice. It will reveal to you all that you are. Become your own best friend, clear up all the influence that you absorbed througout your life. And start living it.

The funny thing is. At age 42 I have to admit to myself that I have known my passion all along, from age 9 or so I quess. We tend to forget, hide our passion as we adapt to the outside world. Now.. my question to you… What is it that you as a young kid… just LOVED to do? wanna share with me in the comment section? love to hear your story!

I’ll be sharing a lot of fun stuff so if YOU are ready for a little inspiration that takes you to your passion? click the like button.. oh and if you love your friends, don’t forget to share and let them know too. Let’s help each other live our passion, be happy!

with all my love