Feeling like scrooge mc Duck?

Imagine you always had the best of luck in the world. That you always got what you wanted. Then.. what would you believe about your dream? Would it be easy or take a lot of effort. I can tell you when I was younger life seemed to flow effortlessly and somehow I just assumed that things would go my way. I felt like scrooge mc Duck really. From this stance I was never thinking I was just acting… for I would already assume that things would work out for me.

A little more down the road of adolescence, little by little I lost this magical view of life and I became more and more realistic. I now realize I was giving away my innerguidance to outer experiences making me feel less of lifes magical touch. I had to convince myself of my ability to create something and doubt would be looking around the corner following me wherever I took my dreams. Is this not what we all do? We used to DO things but now we THINK things…. run over by doubt we leave action sitting in the corner.

What I did different then..

If you can belief in yourself from your pure core the passion will fire you up so fast that you don’t even know what hit you.. and THAT’s exactly the feeling that I used to have. You want to start NOW because you feel in your gut that this is the thing you want to do… and more importantly… that you want to experience. If we speak of “experience” there has to be no winning outcome. It just is… an experience. We’ve become afraid to experience and that’s sad because what more is life… than one big EXPERIENCE? We block ourselves from feeling the passion and taking the action..

So if you ask yourself now.. what is it that I want to experience? If everything I did would be succesful then what actions would I have taken long ago that I have not done now? Really get this into your heart… if everything you did would become a great succes? How much passion would you feel? When would you start and what would you start doing? And then ask yourself the next question because it might just be your biggest blockage. Does it have to be a succes or am I just doing it for the experience? Because if you’re doing it for the experience you are already succesful and the fear and passiveness will melt away and take you into summer…

Be like Scrooge mc Duck. No fear for failure just doing by determination.

….just because you want to .. not because you need… to succeed

With all my love,





goal getter or goal setter?

oh yeah.. you know the feeling of a good idea bubbling up the surface of your soul don’t you? Dwelling on the flames of this spark of desire taking you higher and higher. It does not get any better than this does it? The bubble does not burst and you keep floating in this delicious atmosphere of fantasy. But don’t you want to really live your dream real life?… hate to tell you. But that’s all it will be, a dream.  If…. you are a goal setter.

Dream after dream….

What makes us start any project or dream with enthusiasm for it to slowly extinguish with the hands of time. We can become addicted to the feel good neurochemicals that flow so freely when we are in the process of imagining. It takes no effort and you feel delicious. Yes? So I think we will agree that actually taking action and turning the dream in to something real will bring with it some challenges. These can be big ones or minor issues but you will encounter resistance in whatever way. Now that is not motivating.

How can we keep the dopamine flowing?

To make sure we keep going and keep being inspired to move towards what we want to bring down.. to manifest what we want, we have to set out a strategy. You have to cut the goal in pieces and reward yourself every time you accomplish a part of it. This makes you want to go GET because there is this motivating dopamine reward in between. And.. the closer you get to reaching your manifestation… the more exciting it will become. You can just feel it coming!

Entertain your brain. Visualize

In your strategy plan integrate time to visualize. As you know the brain does not make any difference between a real experience or one that you imagine. The feeling is the same. So take every oppertunity you have to “feel good visualize” and you will open your eyes motivated, inspired and full of energy to continue working on your dream. And the good thing is.. it will not take you ANY effort because you are inspired. You will enjoy every second of creating it while being FULL of energy and feeling FREE



Your soul has no goal but to be whole

I used to have this goal in life. Very small and sweet. And at that point of my life I really loved it. I really wanted this little outdoor table with matching chairs to put in front of my house because it would give life a magical touch. It would make it just a little bit more fairytale like. Put a little pot with flowers on it. And be happy. ……for that moment. yes.

lack of purpose

But it lacked purpose for the long road as did my other goals. I would be searching for something new to fill the depth of my desire ongoing. And even as it did feel satisfying for the moment it would never completely cover the urge.. my search for full passionate happiness. The feeling of being ALIVE and thrive without reason.

Something that I did not know at that time by the way. Neither did it matter for I was not aware of it. Yet still this is what so many of us do. We follow the road on automatic pilot … until awareness hits us on the head with a hammer. We wake up with the hangover of an overdose of NEED.. zombiefactor 10. Feeling like our life is not complete. Searching for what it is that we really yearn for. Like .. we have it all but we’re still not happy.


I did know from a very young age what I wanted but I had quietly shushed it to sleep. Bit by bit it disappeared to the background of my knowing. Burried under a pile of expectations from the outside world. The world of prestige and taking. Degrees and faking.

It’s a journey I guess for all of us to discover our true purpose. To rediscover who we are in essence. To be led by the inside instead of being forged by the outside. We have to purge ourselves of the unnecessary motivation to achieve to reach the natural unfolding of our soul. And only then.. only then will our creations be ultimately succesful and satisfying. Only from that place will we feel this eternal peace and quiet that we so long for. From authenticity. And maybe that purpose is getting into a boat and sail around the earthly isle for a while. Whatever it is.. do it. Give your soul the zest that it’s looking for. It might open a new door 😉

simply enjoy who you are

A purpose has no goal. It is without end. Day after day without deadline. Without routine. it just is.. from daily intend. Naturally unfolding. It is what you ARE not to be worked to just to be discovered and felt. And from that point to be acted on. It’s the inspiration that comes to you without warning. Like a new day dawning. Her rays sweetly caressing your face. Silently alluring you to JUMP out of bed and start the day. To take action just because the energy in you is so high that you are not wondering why.  You just have to follow and flow with it.

but it all started with a goal…. 😉

Has anyone ever told you…

Dream beyond and further

Has anyone ever told you to not dream so big? Did they respond in such a way that you renounced from your hearts desire and backed up a little? Almost feeling shame that you dared dream that big? What they actually did is make your identity smaller than you saw yourself. Do not EVER let that happen. See yourself as grand as you please for you are.

whatever you do..don’t let opinions of others get to you

Now did you allow them to get to you? Remember .. it is their fear. Don’t make it yours. It’s their disbelief. Not yours. I think we should all possess a little more megalomania. Yeah right. There I said it. And NO it’s not narcistic to think BIG no matter what people may say about you. What if… seriously what if  Freddy Mercury would have bowed to the small picture people held of him. What if Mohammed Ali had given in to the whole world making fun of him in disbelief of his victory. But no.. TRIPLE no. He kept believing in his capability to become what he knew he could be as Freddy held tight to his belief in who he could fully be. A legend. All of him and not just a piece of the dream. No the whole pie including the cherry and the cream 😉

excitement is key for your dream to be

If you dream small do you feel the same energy  running through your vains? So what do you think takes you further? It’s boring actually to not belief in the extraordinary.  I mean HEY! where’s the challenge in that? And besides that.. what you can conceive & belief you can achieve. I’ve come from a place of not believing in myself. Discovering all kinds of things that I CAN do and this all thanks to just one person seeing me in my fullest potential. What I mean by this is.. we all really just need ONE person that sees us for more than we are now. Or just for more of who we can be. That beliefs in you. Just ONE person is all you need  to succeed. If you cannot yet be that person yourself to belief in you and inspire yourself then find someone to do it for you.

Share with them all of who you are and start learning how to belief in yourself. How to listen to that inner voice until that is all that you can hear and not the noise and fear. There is magic in the power of belief and knowing. It is a force.. wooh.. if you can make it yours! You’ll climb the heaven skies of your dreams.. and go even.. beyond the seams..


Write down your weirdest dream.

Describe what the cherry looks like

and have a taste of the cream

Now you know the ingredients


and enjoy it 🙂


the journey is the joy

It doesn’t matter really what goal you set for yourself. Life is all about enjoying the road while getting.. uhm… GOING there. It’s how many gurus put it wisely. If you fancy a journey through Italy you don’t strife for the destination. Actually to put it more extreme there is no journey so there is no end. You just are in the NOW taking in all the good stuff by choice. You love every piece of earth you set foot on. You breathe in the experience. The details of all the new embracing you. Probably you will enjoy most of the new experiences. The new food, the way of life, the type of people that you encounter in this broad new perspective of the world. Right? Right. And sure you will bump into things that you did not intend to happen but still the overall journey is delicious.


But.. we choose to take the bustling bend. If you only look at what we do every day chasing the next thing we have to finish because that’s what it’s all about. And hey! You don’t here me saying that I do not just luvvv to check off my to-do list but this is different. Life shouldn’t be a to-do list. It should be an inspired field of activity of climax. Like a rollercoaster… going down.. AAANNNDD …. UP you gooooooo… wooooohhhhh. Making you feel alive instead of this constant strife. When you are training to get somewhere.. enjoy the training. The growth. The fun you have when you did not yet manage and you laughed about the things that went differently. Seek for the joy in the little things. If you pull in that big client… just that moment it’s beautiful. Ecstatic maybe. But it’s just a moment. So why not stretch it to the length it really is. Why not celebrate the preparty with all it’s ups and downs. And then this. The moment your reach it you will have a little after party but soon enough you’ll be looking for something new. So take it easy and chill! The journey IS the joy.

focus on your fortunes

what I’m trying to say here is. Don’t get stuck in two things. The destination and the setbacks. The latter..once they get their hands on you you’re a goner! Rather see them as a part of life guiding you towards what you do want. Every time you experience something unwanted automatically you will steer yourself to things that are better. Check yourself on this! What experiences in life made you decide to never go there or do that again. Leaving behind all that. And how did it make you grow? Beautiful isn’t it? If you can see the worth in all that you meet with.. then.. you can become friends with life. The discovery becomes just as important as the destiny. Not to say more. You will not feel the urge to dash through your experiences like a fast car without actually soaking in all that the experience has to offer. And then there will no longer be a wish to strife or to arrive.


there will be

only one skill left to practice

do everything you do with dignity

and let the curls of grace embrace you,

all the way through

With all my love,

Tineke Janssen

Eerste blogbericht


Are you ready for a little peace and passion in your life? doing that one thing that makes you forget about time or result? Do you have this tingling feeling inside of you. Whispering the words that you cannot yet define but oh … it feels divine. Or maybe you still think you don’t know…

I’ve been there and I tell you.. since I started doing what I love, my life has made a retrograde. Purpose makes life pleasurable, every day again. You don’t have to chase it, because it is who you are. Always present. And if you allow it to flow through you you will start feeling like never before. Filled with energy and passion, eager to start the day.

EVERY DAY. Yes! That’s what life is about.. but how come we are not just naturally all following our innerbliss? Well, I guess we all know that answer. What are you driven by? Money? what society tells you to? what people close to you expect you to do? The secret ofcourse to being in that place of ecstasy is being YOU, completely. Authenticity. Anything else is a waste of who you are.

Listen only to your own innervoice. It will reveal to you all that you are. Become your own best friend, clear up all the influence that you absorbed througout your life. And start living it.

The funny thing is. At age 42 I have to admit to myself that I have known my passion all along, from age 9 or so I quess. We tend to forget, hide our passion as we adapt to the outside world. Now.. my question to you… What is it that you as a young kid… just LOVED to do? wanna share with me in the comment section? love to hear your story!

I’ll be sharing a lot of fun stuff so if YOU are ready for a little inspiration that takes you to your passion? click the like button.. oh and if you love your friends, don’t forget to share and let them know too. Let’s help each other live our passion, be happy!

with all my love