A cacophony of 50.000 thoughts a day

You have 50.000 thoughts a day. Did you know this fact? And do you know what it feels like to listen to them all? Yeah..we probably do. A lot of us fall. Fall for this cacophony of thoughts. Instead of creating their own song they just go along with all that is served not seeming to know that life is a buffet to be ordered from. Your thoughts are too. That’s where it all begins. They will present themselves to you accordingly to the emotional state you are in and it is up to you to sort out the best of thoughts and create yourself a nice plate. Would it not make you crazy….I mean how nice would your plate of food look if you would put it all on there at once. Including all the unwanted things. Not a nice dish eh…. The trick is to take what you need to bake the cake.

Live in your own bubble

Pick the ingredients that you want to use… don’t put in something bitter if you are a sweet tooth. It will just ruin the cake. So now.. what are those beautiful ingredients of your dream? write them down… and make another list of the bitter stuff that is ruining the good taste. Imagine the contrary of the bitter ingredient and write it down as well. For every negative aspect of your dream you do a focus switch. So for all of those fearful thoughts you are gonna have to get creative and find a better one. But you can do it! And if you think you cannot then I suggest you start dreaming. Dreams reach beyond the seams of this illusion. For to create we have to be able to surrender past the illusionary, fantasize away and live in a world of imagination. Then you will start to attract more fitting thought forms to choose from.

Fantasize away

So if you don’t like what you see try to be as unrealistic as possible. Raise the quality of your thoughts and then choose wisely. With the change of your thought comes the change in your environment and everything that no longer serves or fits you will be fading away slowly. Only what resonate can be in your reality.We first create everything we see in our lives on an energetic level. Feelings flow out of thoughts creating your emotions and your emotions are the energy that will eventually make things manifest. Life is not a test it’s a choice and it starts with every thought you choose. Sort them out and start playing the game. Don’t let anyone serve up… serve yourself.

With all my love, Tineke



your dream is a gift of life

And we should never leave it alone. It’s a present wrapped in life’s paper. The inside calling to you and you know it’s beautiful. Still we wait… we don’t start unwrapping but carry it in our hand. Like a burden. Not realizing the value that we carry with us all the time.

It’s the fire that keeps us warm. Really it’s just having the dream that makes you live. That keeps you going every day again. That makes you start again after every time you fail because each time you get closer you feel the fire warm you. You feel it ignite the light that lays awaiting.. dormant.. for you to wake her up and feed her with your souls delight. Every time you let her flow through you .. you remember the real reason. You know you are that shining season.

We will always be pulled by this inner desire to open our gift and share it with the world. Share ourselves with the world. What a beautiful world it would be. If we all got to see and share our gifts.

And if you want it or not it will move you until you take action. And only if you do will the real you shine through. Fully. You will know a happiness unknown to the known. And you will shine like the radiant star that you are. The precious love that you were carved out to be. For all to see.

Your gift brings along your beautiful  inner song to sing on the stage of life. It will make you thrive beyond your wildest dreams. So grab it with both hands.

Life is a beautiful surprise if you let it. Synchronicity will cross your path and make you drop your jaws. You will be guided by the unknown. It will give you signs. It will.. don’t worry.. it will. But you have to surrender.

You have to render control. Of how you think things should be or go.

And once you opened it.. it won’t leave you  alone. It will be that one thing that keeps you going infinitely untill  you succeed. And that only is worth living for…

feeling the fire..


the love of your life

is YOU

and what you came to do






Have a better dream

It was a couple of years ago that this statement came on my path. “One day you will stand in front of something you find so beautiful and you will be satisfied just by looking at it”. You can love it at a distance without needing it was what they meant to say. ONE day? NO way was more like it! I wanted it ALL and I wanted it NOW!

I honestly could not belief that I could ever NOT want what I wanted without at some point having it. But it triggered something in me that made me want to investigate this deeper and so I started consciously experimenting with this phenomenon. Imagining how it would feel if I would never get it.. how would that be. Bit by bit I came to the conclusion that a LOT OF STUFF I could really easily let go of.. I came to realize that a lot of things is just wanting on automatic pilot.

Later on when I went deeper I came to understand something that I had known all along but this time on a much deeper level. We buy, and smoke and eat… we get addicted to compensate for what we don’t have, for the love we don’t have. And so for the feelings that we don’t WANT to have. And.. there are different levels of that… but I was graduating on the highest level possible haha. My closets.. filled with clothes that I had hardly or NOT worn at all.

Anyway the more I shifted to not needing by personal growth the more room came available to grow towards my dream. This was not something that I was aware of but when I look back I can see that the more you get in alignment with yourself by love and acceptance the more your true self comes looking around the corner of your life and the more you will naturally thrive. And really… once that happened.. I really did not have the urge to want something on that level anymore. Those things become less important once you discover the real importance of your life. And then that will give you all the satisfaction you need and nothing….. really no material thing can compete.

By the way….

I still love clothes, shoes and lots of other beautiful stuff 😉

but I now have the freedom of loving it without needing it

appreciating it from a distance

and if I have it I can enjoy it in freedom

without the burden of fear of losing it

and not having it again .. because I did not

need it in the first place

when you no longer need

you’ll know the feeling

of being freed

And the dream…


maybe not right away…

but you can have it all



What is that one word that you tell yourself too often?

One of the big reasons that we do NOT reach our dreams is because we don’t get to the point of taking the first step or get stuck. And why.. do we not take that first step? Of course because of the story we’ve been telling ourselves… most of the time we have taught ourselves to capture that whole feeling of all those internal discussions we held with ourselves in ONE word. And it has become this negative conditioning POWER word that keeps us from even thinking a thought beyond impossible. Phewwww….. we keep wanting and then….. conditioning ourselves with that one word…

What is that word for you? Impossible…difficult.. hard…..  That word that puts you in a blow back into your place.. that save prison where you belong. Because yeah… that’s where your ego will want to keep you. Maybe it’s not the best place but then again it’s a safe place.

Why not start imprinting yourself with real POWER talk. You got nothing to lose. Why not start telling yourself a different story and see how it works out. See what effect it has on you. Once you start doing this your perception will change. You will start experiencing your world differently. Your view will broaden. Instead of repeating all the reasons why you can NOT, start writing down all the reason why you CAN. Slowly turn it all around.

Break down that ONE destructive word that keeps you from moving towards what you want. Tear it down. One letter at a time and replace it with something constructive. You could go from it’s hard or impossible … fill in the blancs… to…. something I will find a solution for. Starting NOW…

Tony Robins often mentions that reaching goals is more often about resourcefulness.. than about resources. So if you think you’re stuck, wake up and shake up .. shape up your creative sources. We all have them, we just need to plug into it. To be open to our highest source.

And switching to powertalk will help you connect with that part

When you feel good.. you are connected

Align with your divine


with all my love tineke

Then… HOW do I get to my dream

Oh ..this question…. there is no answer to all the fear you choose to keep inside. And as long as you don’t take charge it will abide. Don’t hide .. look them in the eye. Just imagine .. what is the worst that can happen if you take a small step towards you dream? Just the slightest action can cause a wonderful chain reaction. On the other hand you can decide to walk arms in arms with fear forever. And have a never ending romance with your dream. Lets be honest.. if you really make the step so small that’s it’s almost riskless… then.. you can taste the zest of what you crave a bit more. It will inspire to take a step higher. So step by step and rewire


Life will hand you the opportunities but YOU are gonna have to decide to take it. To take the necessary inspired and MASSIVE action. And by that I mean… be clear in what you want. On the way to your dream you will meet situations in which you will be tempted to settle. Yet so often it is just this enlarged spot of where you  have been before. Get your blind spots clear and hover over them. Be resolute and absolutely clear in what you do NOT want. Only then will you get to where you want to be.

It’s a matter of sorting out what comes your way. Be courageous and say NO when it’s not what you want. If  you’re clear the Universe can set course forward very quickly. If you’re not the Universe will  just move with you from this one to the other spot.

LIFE then … will not change a lot

Let your fear disappear

and get clear


With all my love



the world is changing

Can you feel it? The world is rearranging. People are taking charge of their lives no longer being satisfied with the rat race they’ve been in. Either they chose not to be there anymore or life gives them no other choice then to hold back and find another track. We’ve been there for much too long. And we’ve been passing it through from generation to generation. Mostly we do not even have a clue what to do with life. We don’t know any longer how to be happy or how to thrive. Long term happiness in every moment is what we miss. We just keep running after all the goals that society keeps so high. We’ve been running so long we don’t even no anymore how to fly. But deep inside you… you still do. You know and feel it deep inside.. that whisper that will no longer hide. It’s popping up like curls on a seas wave. Brave and wild, the cry of your inner child. Yes it knows that you know. And it won’t stop. It won’t stop until you listen. Until you crack open the shell of your heart. Until it is seen in every part. Every part so carefully hidden away. It’s time now. Time to reconnect with all you are. To follow the shine of your inner star.

You are changing.. as the world is rearranging

Feeling like scrooge mc Duck?

Imagine you always had the best of luck in the world. That you always got what you wanted. Then.. what would you believe about your dream? Would it be easy or take a lot of effort. I can tell you when I was younger life seemed to flow effortlessly and somehow I just assumed that things would go my way. I felt like scrooge mc Duck really. From this stance I was never thinking I was just acting… for I would already assume that things would work out for me.

A little more down the road of adolescence, little by little I lost this magical view of life and I became more and more realistic. I now realize I was giving away my innerguidance to outer experiences making me feel less of lifes magical touch. I had to convince myself of my ability to create something and doubt would be looking around the corner following me wherever I took my dreams. Is this not what we all do? We used to DO things but now we THINK things…. run over by doubt we leave action sitting in the corner.

What I did different then..

If you can belief in yourself from your pure core the passion will fire you up so fast that you don’t even know what hit you.. and THAT’s exactly the feeling that I used to have. You want to start NOW because you feel in your gut that this is the thing you want to do… and more importantly… that you want to experience. If we speak of “experience” there has to be no winning outcome. It just is… an experience. We’ve become afraid to experience and that’s sad because what more is life… than one big EXPERIENCE? We block ourselves from feeling the passion and taking the action..

So if you ask yourself now.. what is it that I want to experience? If everything I did would be succesful then what actions would I have taken long ago that I have not done now? Really get this into your heart… if everything you did would become a great succes? How much passion would you feel? When would you start and what would you start doing? And then ask yourself the next question because it might just be your biggest blockage. Does it have to be a succes or am I just doing it for the experience? Because if you’re doing it for the experience you are already succesful and the fear and passiveness will melt away and take you into summer…

Be like Scrooge mc Duck. No fear for failure just doing by determination.

….just because you want to .. not because you need… to succeed

With all my love,