how safe is your comfortzone?

to the degree of how safe your comfortzone feels you will be tempted to make it your prison. It depends on many many things whether you will find the courage to try something new in life.. just for now concider these things


  • for how long have you been living this life, the longer.. the more familiar.. the harder to say goodbye for a new try


  • connected to this.. what part of your identity did you put into your job? ARE you your job or are you more than that. If the job is all you are.. yeah I can imagine it’s hard to separate yourself from that.. you would totally loose yourself


  • egodrive: if this is your identity.. how much of it is part of your ego. How much status do your derive from your job. Your ego will try to keep you there. Maybe in a commercial job, a job of high status, because of your position. But maybe… you would be much happier in something less valued by society. I’m thinking about social jobs, creative jobs, just jobs in the opposite direction of what you are doing now.. and so on.. but yeah… they do not get that much appreciation in this society.. so you’ll have to start giving it to yourself to go there and get there.


  • and then there is… the fear of earning less. The fear of temporarily having to deal with some discomfort in the material sense.. and maybe the fear of the responsibility you have towards your family or the ones you take care of. But then again.. take care of yourself too. Be happy in your life.. there is also something like the responsibility for your own happiness.. and THAT will overflow to your loved ones.. remember.. THAT is the biggest gift you have to give. Take a risk, no need to take a big one, but start something on the side that fills your soul, that makes your heart glow again.


  • what else is your current job giving you? friends? then.. remember.. life is not static.. it changes. Whether you want it or not. So better take charge and built your own before it’s taken. And I mean built that passion, built that job, built those friends, built that income…


but hey…. you never tried did you? you never even started to try… you never even had the courage to start to dream … now did you?

you only fail .. when you stop trying

you did not even give yourself the chance

to fail…

or try again


start failing, until you get there

what does it take? YOU


with all my love



Have the courage to start over

There is this one thing guys, that we are so afraid of that we concider it the end of our lives yet many succesful people, mostly the most succesful ones have proved us wrong. They “failed” big time but then….. they succeeded big time. Why is that.. because they learned BIG TIME so they knew and learned how to do it differently.

At that point most of us have fallen and don’t have the courage to get back up… Why? Because shame is devouring all our inspiration. And as we know… inspiration is the connection to yourself… it’s where your passion flows superfluously and where it gives you that energy to act. So what makes you feel that shame in gods name? Why do you punish yourself for learning?

The biggest millionairs have gone broke and built their empire just as quickly as they lost it? They keep holding on to their mindset of abundance even though they lost it their for a quick moment. This mindset applies to YOU and your worth for the most of all. Appreciation and compassion for all you do and go through.

When you lose this by not believing in yourself after a first failure incident and you punish yourself with shame or not being good enough or any other negative emotion then you cut yourself off of the fruit of growth that you were suppose to reap. This growth was meant to put you  into the right direction… to make you grow.. not to leave you there to death in pain.

Get back up.. reward yourself for growing. Start doing things differently and pursue your dream… again.. make it better… bigger…. expand and grow.. then again.. reap what you sow…

Life is a nice game if you have the courage to keep being compassionate to yourself when hard lessons are learned.. and when well deserved growth is earned.

Now use that growth in your advantage

Keep going

Start again

Keep growing



the pitfall of selfpity

Hey! are you selfpitying yourself feeling stuck on the job? Let me tell you this, every day you stay.. is a day further away from your ideal life. I see people complaining about the job they’re in. I can imagine, yes ofcourse, but complaining won’t open any new doors. Instead accept the place you are in now and start taking action towards where you want to be. It has two very big advantages. One: you are not sucking others into your negativity. Two: you are transforming that negative feeling in yourself. Getting unstuck!

From the moment you have decided that you want to go into another direction and actually take real steps to achieve that you will feel a relief in yourself. You will feel the negative feeling becoming less and less. Why.. because you are now acting on your inner navigation. Every move against your innervoice or innerknowing, or not moving will make you restless. Because.. deep inside you know you want to move but you are not!

Don’t waste your time building up a feeling of discontent. Maybe it’s what you need to get in action but… selfpity will not built you up. It will drag you down and take your crown. Chances are that you get into a passive state feeling sorry for yourself. Nobody is pittyful, everybody can take action. We all have opportunities yet sometimes we have to create them. We have to signal them and act on them. Start looking around. Get something moving in yourself. How?

  • Look for your passion every day. Magazine, social media etc. Get the feeling alive
  • what is it you want to do? write down 20 reasons why
  • read them to yourself every day. Keep the feeling alive
  • make a visionboard of your ideal life/work etc
  • how do you see yourself? write a story of who you are in detail, reinvent yourself
  • promess yourself to take one action step a month a week or whatever feels good
  • share it and let someone hold you accountable

Get into action! Action takes away the helpless feeling and gets you into a upward spiral. Dreams do not come alive by complaining it will only keep on raining 😉


don’t wait for your dreams to die

get moving

learn how to fly




A sad truth

I read this statement this morning: ‘No one ever got rich from working in a job from 9 to 5″… and to me this is such a sad truth. Because it is where so many people are at this moment. And if you do earn a good job then.. at what cost. Working shifts all day, all week. Putting in all your hours. All your spare time given away to someone elses life instead of your own?

I know how it feels, i’ve been there and looking back I can now see that i’ve been fighting that feeling all these years.. The rut of the same every day.. over and over again. Like ground-hog day but worse. You know what’s coming.. you brain is preparing to do the same patterns every day again. You are on automatic pilot. Controlled by an outside system that provides. No surprises.. no adventure.. no unexpected things in your life. Just the same boring all day.. all day. Well of course.. boring can be very safe and from time to time.. sure we can choose to live that way but in the end it’s not the way life is supposed to be lived. And it does not make you rich.

Why am I talking about rich? It’s not about the money.. yeah it is, but differently. You see, money provides freedom and freedom feels like richness. So even if you don’t manage to reach the outraged material financial richness .. it’s not about that. It may well be, but more over it’s about the freedom you achieve from being your own boss. Maybe you experience a lot of freedom in your actual job because of your position and you already feel a bit like your own boss but.. at what cost? Find that place where you have more freedom to decide about your own life. And that might even be in a job, but one where you have more voice at less cost. More freedom to create. More freedom to design your hours. More freedom to choose the place to work from.

  • how would it feel like to live your life according to your own natural rhythm (early bird, nightingale 😉
  • to just have that extra hour in the morning to see your kids wake up
  • to just be home a little bit earlier so you enjoy your dinner more and more relaxed before you go to the next activity
  • to decide whether and when and for how long and how many times you want to go on a holiday.
  • to act on your feelings/inspiration because you know you can create the time and space.
  • Sometimes such wonderful things come on our way but we have to say no.. because we’re so imprisoned in our lives that are ruled by our “jobs”.. that are rule by our boss.
  • To be flexible and enjoy the weather when it’s beautiful and schedule your things on a more convenient time



But if you are reaching for total freedom think of this..maybe there is a struggle, maybe the risk is high.. but if you can take it, if you dare take it, then take the chance to feel what it feels like. You may not want to go back once you’ve tasted freedom.

And remember this.. we are never forced to take higher risks than feels good to us. There are always ways to first meet half way. To have that passion, that freedom and to have a job on the side. You are the one to set the risk high or low. You decide where and how fast you want to go. But if you go… go for richness.






Would that hold you back?

If you were tested on determination, patience, faith and more of such what would be that point where you would give up? What would be that moment when you decide that you are not fit for the job? Not destined to do what you want to do? Let me turn around this concept because it’s the other way around.

If you have a passion you just know you never stop because it is who you are. It’s what you are by nature and you feel it. You just take it to the next level every little step by little step. And even if you feel like you are stuck you don’t quit because you know it’s just this challenge for you to grow and take it up a little bit. Anyway.. you do not question if you will be doing this any longer.. the only question is what is the next thing I have to do to grow and get stronger. You simply enjoy it so much that you keep going anyway. Each and every day.

So what if you don’t get pleasure out of it anymore? You start doubting, asking yourself if you took the right path… I guess you are then mostly doing it for the wrong reason. You want to be acknowledged, you want success more than you love to do what you do. Try changing your focus. It’s all about love, loving what you do, your passion and wanting to give it and share it with the world. If it must.. for free. That is Passion with a capital P.

It’s all about the journey.. not the destination. Remember this quote? Well if you manage to take your focus to the moment and enjoy your growth, every little pleasure that you get out of giving and sharing who you are.. then things will start moving swiftly. The Universe is not about fulfilling needs or greeds it’s about delivering desires, about creating passionate fires that origin in and are shared/given out of love

keep following your heart

keep feeding your passion with that fire

enjoy every part

that takes you higher

The fear of letting go of all that is you and getting into the wild of your dream.

If you feed your fear don’t forget to fuel your dream as well. When we start to feel connected to our dream a normal reaction for the brain is to go into resistance. So.. you know you are going to encounter some resistance. When you don’t fight this you will be able to look for the next step.. so surrender to the possibility of your dream becoming your reality in daily life. How would that feel? Imagine a little… fantasize a little. Feeling better yet?

The thing is, what most of us do…. we start negotiating with fear.  We have a daily subconcious conversation with it being swayed all over the place. This is when your dream starts to make you feel uncomfortable. Ofcourse your ego will have many many options to put fear into your system. After all, what we’ve been doing for all these years has become our identity, our financial security, our selfworth etc. But… should this then be all that you are for the rest of your life? Are you a statistic fact, never changing or rearranging and growing into a different more expanded person.

When you realize that this is where you are in now…. start shifting this feeling. You can do this in the first place by feeding your new desired life / part / identity as much as you feed your fear. You will see that when you have the courage to feel this new you, you will get excited and you will want to start taking action. Probably the fear will become a  little less heavy and the more you fuel your dream.. taking little action steps towards it, the easier you will detach from all that you think you were or had to be.

Write down all the things you are afraid of, then on the other side of the paper write down what you can do to compensate for this. For example you don’t have to make a complete switch. You can start by combining your job with your new “career”. Afraid of loosing your social contacts? Start building a new network before you make the big step. Financial issues? what other resources can you employ?

The biggest fear usually lies in letting go. And thinking that we have to let go EVERYTIHNG at ONCE. Remember you are the captain of your life and opportunities are created. So take the lead and start designing. It’s the least you can do. And.. by doing so.. by putting down on paper what it is that you really want you are generating a lot of clarity. You are putting down an intention for things to be. This will draw to you all you need to take the next step. By that you will start building trust in the process and in the end you may even have no trouble surrendering to life. To this bigger part of you guiding you through. Trust and surrender that things will work out and start enjoying the journey.




A cacophony of 50.000 thoughts a day

You have 50.000 thoughts a day. Did you know this fact? And do you know what it feels like to listen to them all? Yeah..we probably do. A lot of us fall. Fall for this cacophony of thoughts. Instead of creating their own song they just go along with all that is served not seeming to know that life is a buffet to be ordered from. Your thoughts are too. That’s where it all begins. They will present themselves to you accordingly to the emotional state you are in and it is up to you to sort out the best of thoughts and create yourself a nice plate. Would it not make you crazy….I mean how nice would your plate of food look if you would put it all on there at once. Including all the unwanted things. Not a nice dish eh…. The trick is to take what you need to bake the cake.

Live in your own bubble

Pick the ingredients that you want to use… don’t put in something bitter if you are a sweet tooth. It will just ruin the cake. So now.. what are those beautiful ingredients of your dream? write them down… and make another list of the bitter stuff that is ruining the good taste. Imagine the contrary of the bitter ingredient and write it down as well. For every negative aspect of your dream you do a focus switch. So for all of those fearful thoughts you are gonna have to get creative and find a better one. But you can do it! And if you think you cannot then I suggest you start dreaming. Dreams reach beyond the seams of this illusion. For to create we have to be able to surrender past the illusionary, fantasize away and live in a world of imagination. Then you will start to attract more fitting thought forms to choose from.

Fantasize away

So if you don’t like what you see try to be as unrealistic as possible. Raise the quality of your thoughts and then choose wisely. With the change of your thought comes the change in your environment and everything that no longer serves or fits you will be fading away slowly. Only what resonate can be in your reality.We first create everything we see in our lives on an energetic level. Feelings flow out of thoughts creating your emotions and your emotions are the energy that will eventually make things manifest. Life is not a test it’s a choice and it starts with every thought you choose. Sort them out and start playing the game. Don’t let anyone serve up… serve yourself.

With all my love, Tineke